bn manifesto: a vision for the nation - cctv camera housing price

by:Hanway     2019-09-09
bn manifesto: a vision for the nation  -  cctv camera housing price
Kuala Lumpur: on Saturday night, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak's declaration of the general election for Parasi nasina contained 341 initiatives divided into 14.
The following are 14 key initiatives: 1.
Mothers and women first * promote the process of obtaining loans for single women by allowing income to be combined with eligible siblings or parents.
: Women are encouraged to generate second income by relaxing microfinance requirements for women entrepreneurs operating businesses --time.
: The private sector is encouraged to allow pregnant women to leave work one hour in advance.
: Extend the tax concession period for women returning to the job market to 24 months.
* Adjust flexible work time plans for mothers of children aged 2 and under.
* Reward companies that provide childcare centres and facilities for nursing mothers.
* Assign 7 days of special leave each year to women who take care of their children or sick immediate family members.
* Build One
In all Felda settlements, including child care centres and Felda settler entrepreneur centres, managed by the Federation of Felda settler women of Malaysia. 2.
Each person's home * gives tax exemption for rental income from housing.
* Set up specialized banks to facilitate affordable and low loans
The price is RM300, 000 and below.
* Provide tax incentives or development funds to encourage banks and housing developers to provide rentto-own schemes.
* Introduce a single entity to synchronize all affordable housing plans, including monitoring of construction works.
: Provision of public housing assistance programs to assist in renting r that may be classified as poor or disabled (PWDs).
* Upgrade long-
House in Sarawak, water-
Homes in Sabah, homes in orang Asley and residential units for real estate workers on the peninsula.
* Bumipudeblot discount policy for properties with an end value of RM1mil and above. 3.
3 million jobs * accelerate the development of the vision Valley in Malaysia, which is expected to create an area of 150,000 hectares.
3 million job opportunities. 4.
More smiles in Sabah and Sarawak states * improve the quality of telecom coverage in Sabah and Sarawak states by allocating the RM2 billion.
* The rights enjoyed by Sabah and Sarawak under Malaysia's 1963 agreement will be realized by consensus. 5.
Future Transport * Introduction of TN50 public transport pass (
Cost between RM50-RM150)
This provides unlimited public transport for students, working youth, elderly citizens and persons with disabilities.
* As part of the integration of rail transport, an electrified railway line was built from subonja to subonsky Park terminal.
* Add more street lights in the settlement of Felda.
* Upgrade the sewage pipeline of 419 kilometers in the Felda area. 6.
Digital Empowerment * reduces the cost of hiring foreign domestic workers by introducing an online housekeeping assistance system. 7.
Manufacturing in Malaysia * continued efforts to develop small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)
By strengthening the role and functions of the Secretariat for the promotion of Malaysian entrepreneurs, to assist Chinese entrepreneurs (SAME).
* Support food truck businesses by creating special operating areas and developing vehicle modification programmes.
* Enhancing the contribution of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
Grant and credit guarantee opportunities for the national economy through digital transformation to expand access to new international markets. 8.
A newer BR1M * offers-
With RM1 funding, £ 500 is provided for BR1M assisted children enrolled in higher education institutions. 9.
Rakyat's Economy * raises the minimum wage in stages to at least Rs 500 within five years.
* Special Award of $5 000 to each Felda settlers.
* Strengthening Wells-
Status of government employees-
Related Companies and governments
By expanding insurance coverage, increasing medical benefits and increasing living expenses subsidies, affiliated investment companies that earn income of Rs 500 and below.
* In the next 5 years, create a special grant for each qualified Felda settlers worth up to 500 yuan per hectare for limb breakage, starting at 2018.
The grant will reduce the debt of Felda settlers by up to 70%. * Writing-
The debt of Felda settlers was deducted from the purchase of FGV shares.
* Assign a special fund worth up to RM300 Million to write-
Starting in 2018, the huge debt of all eligible Felda settlers will be paid off within the next five years.
* Strengthen Felda 2.
0 initiatives have been launched through 15 2018 and 2019 plans to allocate RM300 Million to create a smart community and a sustainable local economy.
This initiative will continue to be rolled out across the country and will benefit settlers and second generations living in langanfeida.
* Minimize the involvement of middlemen in agricultural and fishery products to reduce the price of basic food and increase the income of farmers and fishermen.
: Expand funding for the agricultural assistance program to replant palm oil, rubber, cocoa and redneck farmers.
* Assign a special aid program worth 22 million yuan to Felcra, Kesedar and Ketengah settlers.
* Reduce the maximum limit for credit card interest rates and late fees.
* Revise personal and corporate income tax rates to ensure Malaysia remains competitive in the regional market.
: Allocate millions of rupees to the art practitioner Welfare Fund (
Tapenkbagi kampung (Seni TKPS)every 5 years.
* Provide individual tax incentives for those who contribute to the development of national culture and art, RM1, 000 per year. 10.
5 million schools for future education * equipment-
Digital skills children of the fourth industrial revolution (IR 4. 0)
Within five years
* Increase the number of subjects for bilingual courses (DLP)
Make it more comprehensive.
* Improve the English level of the school through bilingual courses (DLP)
High immersion scheme (HIP)
And introduced English secondary schools as pilot projects in Sabah and Sarawak.
* Roll out special student discount cards to reduce cost of transportation, government services and education
Related necessities
* Incorporate more historical facts and perspectives in Sabah and Sarawak to strengthen the syllabus for the subject of history.
: Establishment of the Institute for indigenous and indigenous peoples at Sarawak University in Malaysia and Sabah University in Malaysia.
* Qualified citizens holding an overseas examination certificate equivalent to Sijil Pelajaran, Malaysia (SPM)
And Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan in Malaysia (STPM)
Admission to higher education institutions will be considered (HEI)
Under the conditions that they have obtained a credit and historical pass for bahaza Malaysia-
This standard also applies to issues related to the unified examination certificateUEC). 11.
Healthy Living * increases the current personal income tax exemption rate for parents' medical expenses from 5 thousand yuan to 10 thousand yuan. 12.
The peaceful Negaraku * changed the police elite group such as the special tactics and intelligence drug team (STING)
Special working group on organized crime (STAFOC)
And the task force against corruption
Gambling and gangs (STAGG)
Improve the effectiveness of efforts to eradicate drug trafficking, gambling, Triad gangs and organized crime.
* Increase the number of HD closures-
Circuit television camera (CCTV HD)in high-crime areas.
* Increase the number of members of the voluntary patrol program to strengthen security controls and maintain peace in areas with high crime rates.
* Promote community participation in crime prevention through the use of volunteer smartphone patrol app, through PDRM initiatives.
* Make sure all police are locked
Domestic ups are equipped with high-definition CCTV cameras (CCTV HD)
As a way to prevent death, suicide and fighting during detention. 13.
TN50 * encourages the role of youth in national development by generating new, fresh and creative policy ideas.
Increase youth engagement with local governments (PBT)
Through the establishment of youth councils that can enhance the role and voice of youth at the local government level. 14.
Universal child care * In addition to training professional child care staff, the universal child care policy is implemented by developing courses, inclusive programmes and nutrition food guidelines.
* Adjust flexible work time plans for mothers with children aged 2 and under.
Other major Highlights * build a special non
The Muslim sector of the Prime Minister's Department promotes inter-racial equality and mutual understanding dialogue.
* The rights enjoyed by Sabah and Sarawak under Malaysia's 1963 agreement will be realized by consensus.
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