best designs of cast expo '08 - die casting association

by:Hanway     2019-08-30
best designs of cast expo \'08  -  die casting association
The 08 Foundry Expo recognizes the most effective and innovative casting designs developed last year.
2008 engineering casting solutions and AFS casting competition selected 9 casting parts as the best design of the year.
US battlefield service group nominated 4 best championsin-
Class winners, 4 honor awards.
A tank of Harley Davidson, developed by Cali Foundry
In Brian, MN was named the winning product.
The product stores and recycled oil in the new Harley rocker operating system, which is a key factor in the appearance of the cycle.
The product is in-
Use half-
Permanent molding, weight 9. 25 lbs.
In addition to the beautiful design, it also provides better heat resistance than existing options --
One plastic design and multiple
Manufacturing parts.
Contech won twice in the International die casting competition. S.
Won two awards at 2008 International die casting competition sponsored by the North American Die Casting Association.
This is an annual competition to recognize outstanding castings based on their design, effectiveness, cost savings, ingenuity, innovation and potential to change industry trends.
The rear steering knuckle part of Jaguar XK8 is named aluminum, extrusion/halfSolid award.
This is a large complex part designed using Contech's P2000 extrusion casting method.
This is CONTECH's 3rd consecutive year of winning the award and its fifth since 2001.
Received a 2nd award under "aluminum die casting under 1 pound.
"Category, for the rear-
Shaft push lever designed for BMW x5.
Fully designed by Contech, the rod replaces multiple
It saves the car manufacturer about 50% of the weight.
This is the material handling steering/connecting rod assembly designed by Piad precision casting company. The assembly is a permanent assembly of Brass
The mold cools the casting and it replaces the pre-casting by ten
Prefabricated parts, 19 welded joints and 4 bushing.
Australian fast HitchDotson castings developed this Agriculture
Speed knot, it's a kind of orebel cast iron and ball-
Reverse iron-green sand casting
Design of welding parts from customers.
The component resulted in a 30% reduction in weight and a 40% reduction in cost. White Iron No-
This is a 124-lb. white iron no-
Baking sand casting designed by Castalloy
Used as a static mixer tube.
Converted from 7 pieces manufacturing, the Assembly eliminates all Assembly Labor and allows the designer to combine the strategic thickening of the worn area.
This is the main transmission housing designed by Denison industry, which is the main transmission housing of the military contract, which has changed a lot.
Assemble the parts into 200-lb casting.
Use of components-designT71 aluminum no-
Bake the sand and eliminate the pipes, hydraulic lines and channels.
Honor recommendation: multi-purpose stand/traction eye this is a 21-
Cite the lb multi-functional stand/traction eye designed by Columbia University for Volvo.
Development using toughnessiron lost-
Foam casting process, the Assembly eliminates the processing and heat treatment required in the design of early brackets.
Vacuum no Riserless/pressure no Riserless casting developed by GM, the part is 33. 5-lb.
Vacuum-free riserless/pressure-free casting is designed as an engine stand for Cadillac CTS.
Cast with a cast of the aluminum, welded into 4 aluminum profiles to make the engine bracket.
Automotive rear market intake manifold this is the automotive rear market intake manifold designed by Trilore Technologies.
Component is 13-lb. A356-
Aluminum castings made of plastic molds.
The aluminum rear motorcycle frame industry has designed these four using the ablation process. 9-lb, A356-
The rear frame of the motorcycle is made of aluminum alloy.
The Assembly provides improved mechanical performance in its thin part.
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