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by:Hanway     2019-08-28
Hollywood Reporter)-
James Cameron is once again the king of the world ".
"Avatar" is the first movie since the 97-year "Titanic", which was released worldwide this weekend and has been well received and expected by boffo box office.
He recently talked to Hollywood reporters about his early days, his commercial success, and his efforts to make Avatar.
When your career broke out in 1984 due to Terminator, you started working part-time.
Time truck driver and unknown filmmaker of a popular Hollywood writerDIRECTOR.
Cameron: Well, I'm actually one.
Part-time truck driver
Time screenwriter!
I remember pulling the truck to the side of the road, hiding behind the billboard and writing for 20 minutes, hoping other drivers wouldn't see me.
But after years of struggle, you have become a typical "success overnight ".
Have you changed your opinion of fame?
I never thought the director would be famous.
My fantasy is that you work in the shadows and create these things.
The actors are famous.
But when I really got to the point where I was recognized and even left the place where one of my films was shown, that's when it really started to get weird.
Of course, the peak was a few weeks after the 1998 Oscars.
Everyone on the streets of Los AngelesA.
Looking at me.
The "James Cameron" brand is at par with the "George Lucas" or "Steven pilberg. ” EVERY WRITER-
The director dreams of having this status, but is it all broken?
It's very helpful when you're trying to do something radical new like "Avatar.
"When I sold the film to Fox, it was good to have a track record of a successful film, to be able to tell them that I have never directed a losing movie, and I haven't started yet.
When I asked them to fund a very expensive movie, it was probably the most compelling thing I said, in which the main character would be completely CGI, blue face, big Golden Eyes and tail!
Sometimes they ask, "Do they need a tail?
Like a tail.
Well, it's not about tails, it's about the fact that they're computers --
The characters produced and their uneasiness.
But I have this record, which is very helpful.
I don't care how good the script is, and if I didn't make Titanic I wouldn't be able to get a grant from Avatar.
"How has the Titanic allowed you to pursue other interests in the last 10 years?
The success of Titanic convinced me of two things.
First of all, I have a period of income.
Second, my career will not disappear.
I 've had enough hits and people can't say it's a fluke.
So I can do something else.
My logic is that I can't lead a deep
Ocean Adventure, in 50-
When I was 80 years old, my feet were in the zodiac.
But when I was 80, I could direct a movie.
So if I want to explore
Recorded in Cameron's 2003 documentary, Ghost of the abyss)
It's time to do it.
I do not want to be involved in this field;
I want to embrace it, be good at it, and be respected by the institutional marine community --
At least I'm not just crazy.
It will take some time.
And it will take some time to build this technology.
Camera case and even something that sounds simple like a potand-
Tilt camera head operated outside the submersible with a large depth.
That's not there.
We have to do it and let it work at a speed of 12,000 or 16,000 feet.
We made a lot of things.
Robot, lighting system
The designs were subsequently entered into the work of other marine institutes.
Hollywood doesn't know the world or even the world, but it doesn't matter.
I don't mind, but when people ask me, "So, what have you been doing for the last 10 years?
"Well, I'm really busy.
Will people be surprised to hear that one of the most successful directors on the planet still have to work hard to bring his vision to the screen?
Well, if I'm just going to do this for myself, I'll go this far and make some small movies --small-er movie —
Maybe a $50 million or $60 million movie, just tell them to show up at the premiere.
I'll take care of the rest.
I may get the deal, but this is not the movie I want to make.
As long as I want to make these big films that are risky, I have to have more partnerships.
When you say you are the king of the world, you make fun of your public image on movies and Oscars.
How does humor help a person deal with fame?
I don't think some people understand that I was happy at the Oscars.
I think they think I'm just a selfish jerk!
I think humor is very important in my time-to-day world.
As a director, whether on set or in a position with a visual effects team, you are the leader.
It gets very nervous and you have to focus.
But you can't always be so disciplined and detailed. oriented guy.
You have to break the room occasionally.
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