andhra moots law to make surveillance gadgets mandatory | india news - times of india - box surveillance camera

by:Hanway     2019-09-15
andhra moots law to make surveillance gadgets mandatory | india news - times of india  -  box surveillance camera
Hyderabad: Following the two explosions in dilsuhnagar, the Andhra Pradesh government decided to enforce safety regulations for commercial buildings, with cinemas and hotels installing monitoring equipment to ensure permission from the civil authorities.
This provision is being incorporated into the public Resort Safety Act, which will also be extended to existing buildings where the owner will be instructed to install the equipment while seeking to renew the permit.
Ironically, the draft of the public Resort Safety Act has settled in the household sector.
"The draft was drafted shortly after the bombings of the Lumbini Park and Gokul Chat in 2007, and was submitted to the interior ministry a year ago.
"After the bombing in dilsuhnagar, we want to urge the state government to speed up legislative measures to ensure the safety of public places," said an Interior Ministry official . ".
If all goes well, the proposed bill may be presented to the State Council at the upcoming budget meeting.
Once the bill is passed, permission for commercial buildings, hotels and cinemas will only be granted if the drawings provide public security infrastructure such as CCTV surveillance cameras, metal detectors, automatic alarm and other equipment.
Up to now, GHMC insists on providing fire safety equipment at high levels
Architectural and commercial buildings.
Developers must bring NOC from the fire department and traffic police will give permission if the building is located in a busy area.
For the cinema, a permit was issued by the police station.
"Even temporary buildings such as tents, fences, exhibitions, entertainment venues, security infrastructure will be mandatory, where the game and display public assemblies are licensed and licensed for trade in the labor sector.
"Both licensing and renewal will be mandatory," the official said . ".
Once the act comes into force, the municipal authorities and urban development will make the necessary changes to the building rules (MA&UD)department.
Criminal provisions are incorporated in the proposed law to prosecute violators and those who compromise on public safety.
Officials say there are similar legislation in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
Although the Kerala public resort Act was adopted on 1963 and entered into force on 1965, the Tamil Nadu public resort act was promulgated on 1988.
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