an open letter to moshe kahlon - camera housing price

by:Hanway     2019-09-13
an open letter to moshe kahlon  -  camera housing price
Hi Moshe Kahlon, I made it clear last Friday that I will vote for one of the three centrist parties.
Kununnu is one of them.
Now it is clear that this is the most important of the three.
Kahlon, the keys are in your hands, and there is a huge responsibility on your shoulders.
Opportunities like this are not available every day.
Such an opportunity falls on your lap.
Perhaps historic.
Anything can happen politically.
A united government.
But the possibility of doing so is slim. Very slim.
The two sides will ask you for love.
It's up to you.
You are the king's sinker.
So it's time for some soul exploration.
Kahlon, if this is your wish, we will see the establishment of a narrow government.
Orthodox government
It's not the country, it's nationalism.
Not Jewish, but super. Orthodox.
This kind of government will lead to political stagnation.
National and international isolation. You know that.
You know, it also means that any opportunity to amend our national priorities will end.
Even if Israel is not subjected to international resistance, the pressure will only increase.
The boycott will continue to spread.
Defense spending will only grow.
All of your plans for social change and reform will be gone, given the larger national needs.
The Orthodox government is also a government that will
As you know, a large part of the Orthodox Church is also ineffective.
This means less education, including core research.
This means more budget to encourage laziness.
That means the economy is far from that strong.
An idea government that will implement the reform?
You know there's no hope in hell.
The second option is a center. Left the government.
Not exactly your inner desire.
On the other hand, at least one such government will not even implement --
A tenth of the terrible scenes we have experienced in recent months.
Jerusalem will not be divided.
Hamas will not control the West Bank.
Israel will not withdraw from the Jordan Valley. Ben-
There will be no rocket attacks at Gurion international airport.
It can't happen because of a center
The left-wing government will not achieve peace with the Palestinians at all costs.
It's not that it doesn't want.
Isaac Herzog and Zipi Livni wanted to do so very much.
But you know, we should all know now that no matter what they offer to the Palestinians, the answer is the same.
They say no.
Bill Clinton made their proposal, and ehood Barak made their proposal, ehood Olmert made their proposal, and even Benjamin Netanyahu made them
Therefore, in the context of the establishment of a center, the main changes on the political front
Leaving the government, a moderate Israel will gain more understanding.
Economic choices will not be stopped.
It is not clear whether you will be able to implement your reforms, but the chances of doing so will certainly be much greater.
In other words, Kahlon, politics is society and society is politics.
You owe the voters.
You owe them hope, vision and reform.
Tell me, your hands are on the heart, which of the two options will let you ship?
This will give you a better chance to work towards a fairer society?
What is it that makes you lower house prices and your cost of living?
This will provide an opportunity to close the social gap?
Karron, your political interests are in our national interests.
You have a chance to realize them.
This is not only good for Kahlon.
This is mainly in Israel's favor.
The key is in your hand.
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