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by:Hanway     2019-08-12
A way to realize costEfficient mass production of castings at a fast price is called high pressure die casting.These castings can include a wide range of holes, threads, grooves, and are distinguished with high dimensional accuracy and a large area finish.They make the huge economic situation of metals possible, with little or no need for regional consolidation.The basic principles of pressure die casting include the requirement for molten metal to enter the mold or mold at considerable pressure.The machine used for this purpose operates on one or two systems, called: (a) for alloys with low melting levels or hot chamber machines, and (B) alloy for machines with high melting levels or cold chambers.
In the hot chamber device, the metal is retained as a fluid in the crucible inside the machine, and the pressure chamber that transports the metal to the mold is located in the metal tank.This kind of machine can be operated by pneumatic, or more often by the action of ram to generate pressure.Cast metal of cold chamber unit keeps the fluid in the keep heater, from the method of holding the heater to transfer the fluid to the pressure chamber, by spoon or unique automated gadget, and the method of ram is required to enter the mold.Some simple machines are hand operated, but automatic machines are usually used due to high manufacturing prices.In pressure die casting, the complex multi-part design makes the accuracy lower, so extremely expensive parts are used, and through high pressure and high continuous variables at temperature under harsh working conditions.For the manufacture of zinc and zinc alloy castings, the peri material can be made of non-alloy steel, but for the alloys of magnesium, aluminum, copper and these alloys, the peri material is usually made of hot-Working aluminum with greater toughness.
Another development of high pressure die casting is vacuum die casting process.The castings it produces also have a better finish than ordinary high pressure castings.There are actually two programs, the mold is either closed in the hood that drains the air, or the heat preservation furnace is placed under the casting equipment, so when releasing the air from the mold, the metal is pulled into the mold and compressed, and the process of creating a metal casting based on this concept has actually been established.
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