alleged dognapper caught on camera at vancouver tattoo shop - surveillance camera housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-09
alleged dognapper caught on camera at vancouver tattoo shop  -  surveillance camera housing
April 23, 2014: Vancouver police say a dog-bitten Bulldog Chloe was found in a residential area in abertsford.
Their investigation revealed that dog-beating "may have originated from a dispute between an employee at the tattoo shop and the original owner of the dog.
"Vancouver police are investigating a man suspected of dog-beating, a woman who walks out of the tattoo studio in the city center with a French bulldog, while its owner is just a few feet away.
Shaughkekeely, who is in charge of the fall tattoo and artist Gallery on Seymour Street, said the incident occurred on Thursday night when the woman started her own business and looked around. Keely's 10-month-
According to the province, Chloe, the old dog, often works with her.
A statement from Keely said the suspect's request to pet and hold a Bulldog is a common requirement of many customers.
Soon after, Keely needs to help tattoo clients at the checkout counter.
When she was distracted, the woman
Holding Chloe.
Keely claimed that he walked towards the door and then "ran a lap ".
The suspect crashed into a black car with no license plate and the car was waiting in front.
A post on the tattoo shop's Facebook page said it quickly disappeared.
Kelley and her colleagues
The workers tried to chase the car but failed.
It took 90 seconds for the whole event.
Captured by a store surveillance camera.
Keely shared the video on Instagram and YouTube hoping someone could help identify the woman and bring Chloe home.
The French bulldog, weighing about 19 pounds, was taken away in a pink hoodie, a pink harness and a striped belt.
According to Global News, Vancouver police are investigating the matter.
Last month, surveillance video from another tattoo shop in Vancouver captured a violent attack by a regular customer on the owner.
A man was charged in that incident.
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