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by:Hanway     2019-08-23
I believe this person should look at the two of them and feel their differences.The quality of the pictures and sounds is high and will bring you the ultimate excitement and satisfaction when watching your favorite show.Digital TV compression helps broadcast images of multiple channels at the same bandwidth.Analog Devices, commonly known as SDTV, use magnetic waves to transmit and display images and sounds traditionally used.The special features of digital TV are surround sound, clear pictures, which are all needed for the latest development of TV-high-definition TV.
SDTV is significant compared to the simulation, as it provides more channels from the same station.If you look at the simulated wide casting, you will find the ability to accommodate only a few stations very troublesome.Like numbers, it contains more information than simulations.
If you already have an analog set and want to upgrade it to a digital set by using a digital tuner decoder, this is possible, although it will show the high quality images provided by the original digital set.In today's market, you will find products with digital quality, and the best news is that their prices have fallen.
Cable providers always do not provide digital cables for digital signals.Therefore, when the digital cable is connected to the digital TV, this cable does not meet the standard, it will only receive the analog signal, thus eliminating the advantages of the digital TV.One solution in this regard is the digital quality picture provided by the satellite service provider.
Digital TV is the latest innovation of entertainment TV HDTV.Here you can watch the picture on a wider screen that is clearer than the analog device.Image quality and audio clarity are much better than analog.
If this revolution from analog to digital continues, then consumers with analog systems are a problem worth thinking about.To this end, a transition period has been established, that is, by 2006.This can also be extended if needed.

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