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by:Hanway     2019-08-13
Earlier, people were satisfied with the use of the Internet from the office or home computers connected through the network.This is no longer the case, however.Now-a-Today, they want to access the Internet from any type of device, such as their smartphones, not just from their computers.To do this, the device should be connected to a LAN ).They also want to walk around the office and connect to the internet at any time.In this case, using a wireless LAN (WLAN) can help them achieve this.
WLAN provides short-range wireless Internet access for mobile users.This is a way to allow users to move in a certain area while still connected to the network.WLAN uses wireless signal instead of traditional network cable for network communication.In fact, it is for this reason that wireless networks are a great way to connect to the Internet for laptops and remote computers.
It is a distribution system consisting of a point with access to the Internet and two or more devices using high-frequency radio signals.WLAN provides high-speed communication in small areas such as office and construction.There are two types of WLAN.
Ad-hoc WLAN -This mode is also called "peer-to-peer mode"to-peer\" mode.In ad-Wireless LAN, computers can interact directly without any form of access point.It is used where users need to share data but not connect to the wireless network.Here, many wireless devices communicate without any central routing system.Users connect to each other via wireless signals.Further, in ad-Each computer in the network acts as an access point and client.
WLAN infrastructureWhile ad-Wireless LAN does not require any access point, infrastructure wireless LAN requires at least one wireless access point.In the infrastructure WLAN, each computer is connected to the access point via a wireless connection.
Two people, ad-Use a dedicated WLAN when two devices need to be connected without a central access point.On the other hand, infrastructure WLAN is used when you want to build a more durable and stable network.
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WLANonal LAN.The only difference between WLAN and LAN is that WLAN has a wireless interface.I became very popular because it was easy to install and use.Similar to the traditional local area network, it uses radio signals as a means of transmission to users of local coverage areas without any wiring.Because of this, it has become a technology after technology.
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