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by:Hanway     2019-08-18
The septic tank cover, also known as the lid or passage Hatch, is usually located at the top of the tank near the center.Most hats are square, about 16 inch wide.This lid serves as an access point inside the tank for cleaning and other maintenance.People should never enter the septic tank due to the rapid suffocation caused by smoke and lack of oxygen.In some cases, finding that cap could also be a challenge.
Enter the crawl space or basement of your home and find the main drain that comes out of the toilet.Determine the location and direction of the drain from the house.If required, make measurements to ensure that you can determine the exact location of the drain from the outside of the house.On the outside of the House, mark the location of the drain pipe.This drain will empty the septic tank and in most cases it is direct from the house to the septic tank.If an unexpected change occurs in the drainage system, the task becomes more difficult.
View area building specifications.Most require septic tanks at least 10 feet metres from the home Foundation.For ease of installation, most contractors will install tanks where they are as close to home as possible.The closer the tank is to the House, the lighter it will be buried.The suspicious path along the drain line is measured directly from the Foundation at 12 to 14 feet.Mark this location.Check your size and angle carefully to ensure your accuracy.
Dig no more than 2 feet deep in your mark position.You should hit the top of the septic tank before reaching this level.If not, re-Fill the hole and dig another hole in the suspicious path of the drain line.If you have difficulty continuing to find a septic tank, please dig near the house to indicate the contractor who does not follow the code when locating the septic tank.
Expand this hole as soon as you find the septic tank to reveal more tanks.Continue digging until the seams are found in the tank cover, and then remove enough dirt to expose the entire seam.This is the lid.In most units, the lid is placed flat at the top of the tank and there may be two wire handles.Before opening the hatch, be sure to remove all dirt from the area to prevent any dirt or other debris from entering the tank.
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