a look at the year ahead: what can cambridge look forward to in 2017? - led street light housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-07
a look at the year ahead: what can cambridge look forward to in 2017?  -  led street light housing
Cambridge is a fast growing place.
Even in the past few months, we have seen great changes in the landscape of the city.
But with 2017 progress, what will change in the coming year.
The latest train station in Cambridge will open in May.
Passengers will be able to catch the train in East Chesterton, which will be a brand new part of the city within the commuting distance of London and other major towns in the region.
Developers have made East Chesterton a possible destination for new employment centers.
Cam county council official Mike Davis said there could be as many as 27,000 new jobs in the region.
City council leader Cllr Lewis Herbert said that while these figures are possible, much depends on Anglian Water, which owns land near the station, deciding what their plans are
In any case, the opening of the new station is expected to have a huge impact on the city's economy and the communities in the region.
Street lights closed to save money in the United States-
A meeting was held in the county council on December.
Members of the city and beyond expressed concern about the dark streets and their impact on safety.
However, questions remain about how to pay for the lights over the long term and whether the lights will dim.
There is still a problem with how to get the funds and whether more efficient LED lights should be installed.
After Parliament voted this year to accept a historic agreement on devolution, a new joint cam County and Peterborough joint authority will take effect.
At May, we will vote for the mayor to oversee the £ 800,000 deal, which includes £ 0. 6 billion for new infrastructure construction in the region and £ 70 million for Cambridge's own affordable housing.
We will most likely see the work of the Chisholm Trail in progress, a separated bike commuter and leisure Road, through the center of the city, allowing commuters to get to and from work without a car or bus.
The project has been in planning for a long time and will eventually begin to form this year.
Cycling activist Jim chizem, the name of the route is that he says infrastructure is important for cities like Cambridge, which will benefit commuters and families, they want to find a safe way to ride a bike through the city without having to get in and out of traffic.
A new bridge in the Didon Prairie will be an important part of the Chisholm Trail connecting the monastery and Chesterton, which will be submitted to the Planning Commission on 2017.
If approved, this will be an important part of the project.
Government traffic owners have designated this project as a priority, and we may see significant steps taken in the coming year to build a new railway station reality in the southern part of the city of Addenbrook Hospital.
The area will soon be home to AstraZeneca and pavos hospitals.
AstraZeneca in particular, with the influx of jobs in the region, there is a need for improved transport infrastructure in the region.
When it comes to 2017-year-old AstraZeneca, it is likely to see most of the new biomedical campus in the south of the city built, and the life sciences giant will move in 2018.
After the number of people staying in the city center seems to have doubled from last year, members have taken action and are taking steps to deal with the situation in Cambridge.
A new £ 400,000 task force will be set up in April to help people get out of the streets.
The city council has also announced funding to help address the root causes of homelessness and set up funds to ensure people get the help they need.
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