9 types of breasts: which one is yours? | the times of india - types of die casting

by:Hanway     2019-08-30
9 types of breasts: which one is yours? | the times of india  -  types of die casting
01/10 what shape is your breast?
Buying bras is a torture for many women, mainly because the size available on the market is not suitable for them.
If 32 is perfect, they can't make A decision between A and B, and if you go to Cs in A bra, you can't make A decision between 34 and 36.
The reason behind this is that every woman has a different breast shape, says the underwear store ThirdLove.
The site also determines nine breast shapes based on the fullness, width and length of the breast, which are all perfectly normal and beautiful. (
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02/10 asymmetric pairs of different breast shapes are called asymmetric pairs.
Either of them may be significantly larger or less obvious.
03/10 East westHere, the nipple is in the opposite direction, and the breast has a loose structure from top to bottom.
04/10 side set a pair of breasts, there is a large gap between the two breasts.
Nipples will move forward more than anything.
05/10 round pair is the same full pair of breasts on the top and bottom.
06/10 clock
The shaped breast is the breast with a finer top and a fuller bottom, just like a bell.
This shape is similar to Bell-07/10 tear drops
Chest shape but small slope.
Their bottom is not as full as Bell. shaped breasts.
The 08/10 slender breast is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom.
They are thin and have less breast tissue.
09/10 exercise the breast is tight, the breast tissue is less, and the nipple is upright.
10/10 The top of the flabby breast is wider, the bottom is narrower, and the nipple is down.
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