7 types of secret crushes you all will have | the times of ... - types of die casting

by:Hanway     2019-08-30
7 types of secret crushes you all will have | the times of ...  -  types of die casting
Part of our life is 01/77 kinds of secret love.
Secretly, we all keep a small corner for "special people.
We don't want to get anything from them, but we are very happy with their presence.
Here's a list of women's crush.
Men will never admit it out loud because it's too "inappropriate", but their behavior changes secretly when these "special characters" appear. Read on.
Stranger: you happen to meet this person anywhere: near your home, at the grocery store, when you take your dog out for a walk, or when you go shopping with your mom --
You can see him everywhere.
In the end, you start to dress up well for strangers and even if you go to the market to do things, make sure your hair looks perfect. (
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02/77 types of secrets will give you all bosses: If you're lucky enough to have a happy person --go-
Lucky, smile, sexy boss (lucky you! )
Then it's natural to have a crush on the company's creatures.
The good thing is: it may actually give you more motivation to do your job well and get his evaluation and praise. . .
It's all for him to notice you. (
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03/77 kinds of secret crushing you will have friends of brothers: this kind of crushing cruelly crushed brothers (or friend)
But at the same time, it is also the most fascinating type of infatuation.
Thanks to your brother/friend, you can see him more and secretly enjoy his company because of him/her.
One more thing, the disclosure of this crushing will actually cause a lot of trouble! (
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04/77 secrets will allow you all to have teachers: We actually spend most of our time at school, school and university, with teachers, except at home.
Teachers give us advice, express their feelings and consider our progress, so it is natural to connect with teachers, but sometimes you will inadvertently shape our feelings in the form of a crush
It can also be dangerous, so be careful.
But you can take advantage of this by doing a good job of getting his/her attention in academic terms. (
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05/77 kinds of secret love, you will all have the best friend's boyfriend: You act like a third party in your best friend's relationship;
She shared with you everything about her man.
You secretly start to appreciate him, as you like, he expresses his love for her and his concern for her.
Gradually, you begin to want to have the same partner, who is faster than you think and becomes your secret love object.
Obviously, you can't even discuss this with your girlfriends!
Sometimes, when you start planning to separate them in your mind, this type of crushing becomes muddy. (
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06/77 secrets will give you all the cousin of the distant house: he is your "ka rishtedarr Gate" and you only meet him in all family activities, with him, he/she felt good about him.
This type of infatuation will actually make you more social in your family as you visit your relatives more often.
You even started to contribute more to family work just to impress him. (
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07/77 types of secrets are crushing all of you.
Traveler: you meet that good-looking man or girl on a plane or train, and somehow, in front of them, the other appeal is weak.
Their company will make your journey more enjoyable and memorable. (
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