6 mind-blowing easter eggs hidden in famous movie costumes - cctv dome housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-14
6 mind-blowing easter eggs hidden in famous movie costumes  -  cctv dome housing
The costume design in the film and the dialogue in the pornographic film are on the same boat;
We vaguely realized that it was there, but it was not something that anyone really focused on.
Thankfully, it also means that movie costumes are the perfect place to hide clever little Easter eggs for movie maniacs who have too much free time to look for and too many childish geeks.
If you can forgive me, I believe this is the thread I started talking about how to do it. . .
The clown mask in The Dark Knight was made based on old Batman's TV show, and Christopher Nolan did not waste time proving that his explanation of the Joker was something we had never seen before.
Just in the film, the character of Heath Ledger not only robbed a mob bank during the day, but also arranged the death of all his associates, he did it all with Tim Burton's re-imagined mask.
It's very quick to let us know that this character is a conspiracy, a machine. gun-
Toting mastermind, which makes him completely different from all the other clowns we know, especially Cesar Romero on the 60 s TV show.
That is to say, except that Ledger wore Romero --
The clown's mask in the whole bank robbery.
All the evidence seems to point to the design of the leje clown mask, which is directly in "," an episode of the TV series, also marks the first appearance of the clown on the show.
In this episode, Adam West's Batman tracked Romero's clown crime Prince to the Gotham Opera House, where he secretly performed an aria because at that time, the clown is as close as possible to becoming a real killer clown ().
As you can see, the similarities between Romero's costume and Ledger's mask are undeniable.
If anyone wants to know why Nolan is bothered to quote an old comedy series, it's camping, not a scout rally: Although it's basically a fact, the 1960 series is a series that has kept Batman alive in public awareness for decades, so despite its stupidity, it still deserves all the respect.
For the first time, it should not be important to bring the clown to the big screen and even shave off the beard for the character.
Jack Sparrow's costume shows the Muslim inspiration of the character, and you can blame the movie for a lot of things, but it is commendable that it has been loyal to Disneyland, its foundation is that it has little to do with real pirates, and Captain Jack Sparrow is the best example.
Try to put away your personal feelings for a movie or Johnny Depp and ask yourself: does this person look like a classic pirate? I don't know;
Between mascara, headscarf and beard weaving, he is more like a Gothic hippie or something.
What's the garbage on his hair?
Like the medal here: well.
It looks a lot like Turkish,. . . how?
Say I'm crazy, but I vaguely remember happening somewhere near the Caribbean, so what is Jack Sparrow Doing with Islamic symbols in his fear?
In fact, if you, the rest of the coin and Sparrow costume may actually cite the truth of the character
The notorious pirate Jack Ward is an inspiration for Muslim life.
Also known as "Birdy", a 16 th century British pirate who terrorized the Mediterranean and eventually converted to Islam, named Yousuf Reis.
Ward Reis, who has been on the North African coast for 15 years, plundered ships and commanded hundreds of people until he became a pirate celebrity.
There are some songs about the man and the entire play script, and according to all the reports, he finally inspired one of Disney's biggest and sexiest money-shakes.
Islamic coins are just a clue, but there is more to support this theory.
For example, Jack Sparrow's headband is really a bit like it in Islamic countries, plus the type of mascara he wears, which is common in North Africa where Jack Ward operates
After a few hours of Googling, I found that the sparrow was actually a bird, "Ward" and "bird" both had four letters, and Jack Ward was also nicknamed "bird ", disney is secretly transforming children into Islam through movies.
"Supernatural Castiel wears a coat of a Demon Hunter" is a program that begins with the story of two brothers hunting monsters and ends up focusing on Jensen Ackles and Jared padal.
As the show slowly changed from horror to a magical dark comedy, a new protagonist was finally introduced: The Demon
The hunting angel from heaven, dressed like Columbus, his main drawback is that he does not understand how the human world works.
He's here: Yes, it's a bit of a lame joke, but in Castiel's game you can't help but laugh at his funny moves constantly, a childlike and faceless
In fact, Collins has done so well in shaping the characters into their own, that it's hard for you to see that Castiel is a parody. Non-
Fans of the comics may not get this reference right away, but they may still remember the 2005 movie starring Keanu Rives, which gained the history of the film by showing Shi'ite rabov.
Well, the film is actually based on the excellent comic book series starring John Constantine.
Smoking anti-hero conman is investigating paranormal phenomena in old trench coats and loose ties.
Eric Kripke, creator of Castiel's clothes, and the cancer mystery wizard wear the same clothes.
It makes sense on the subject because it's about work
The elimination of supernatural threats by class members also happens to be a summary of almost all comics.
Although as far as I know, Constantine never said "!
"So at least one thing is over.
When I first saw the Japanese influence of this series on the old cartoon network, I really didn't get it.
Then I discovered the concept of TV shows and sarcasm in Japan and all of a sudden everything was clicked.
Huge eyes, huge monsters fighting,
Superhero is tied up with the mundane issues of everyday life: once I realize that it all goes back to Japanese TV, these things make more sense.
Of course, this satire is not particularly clever, but it made me feel smart when I first understood it years ago.
Then I found out the other super vague references I missed on this show and I felt stupid again. (
It's a real emotional roller coaster for me. )
Take Mojo Jojo as an example--
One of the main opponents of this series, happens to be a super smart green monkey
Go boots: At first glance, he's like the other super villains in their 90 s, right in front of the dome of his cartoon-sized brain.
But the TV series creator Craig mclaken is actually designed based on two characters in the old Japanese TV show that most Japanese don't even remember.
For example, the appearance of the green ape/space magician is based on the doctor
Gori, the main villain of 1971-
72 Fuji TV series
Embodied by the famous tokusatsu genre, it is a program about super robot fighting monsters created by crazy scientist Gori (
Think about the illegitimate son of Rita rapusa and Dr. Zaius).
The series also has a heavy
Fortunately, unlike the costumes of the main heroes in another Japanese TV series, the environmental message has never been conveyed :.
Can you recognize the spiral pattern on his head?
McCracken believes that the hero's Kagestar helmet is the inspiration for the Mojo Jojo brain tank.
Is this a subtle sign that there are still some benefits to the Evil Monkey?
In fact, considering that the main villain is a Nazi scientist named Dr.
Satan, which has no more impact on comics than the quirky helmet design, is a safe bet.
Now that we 've talked about tearing up Japan. . 2 O-
Ren Shijing's kimono quotes the movie "Kill biquentin Tarantino", which is my hero because he daydream by shooting the days I used to do in boring math classes, made millions of dollars.
On 2003, I first realized this and told the story of Uma Thurman's revenge --
Murder a bunch of cartoon comics with a samurai knife, just like she killed Lucy Liu in the snow --
Japanese garden.
The funny thing about that scene was that before Thurman's Beyoncé attacked her, did you ever think about why Liu was wearing a white kimono?
Of course, it looks fashionable, but in Japanese culture, white kimono is usually reserved for it, so for O-
Wear one. . .
Unless she's going to marry the crazy girl with the ball and chain before Thurman interrupts them, just like in all those fans --
I wrote Fics.
There may be a perfectly reasonable explanation for her dress, in fact, it is a story about a 19th-century woman seeking bloody revenge on the man who killed her family, that is the background story of the characters of Thurman and Liu.
Tarantino never made the film affect a big part of the secret until the costume O-
Ren wears the battle arena with her Snow Field, from the mirror scene.
This may not be exactly the same outfit, but the connection between the two films certainly exists.
On the other hand, part of all the styles of Thurman?
It was entirely on Tarantino, and who didn't send him to a child psychiatrist when there was still time to help him.
Darth Vader looks like the first super villager masked hero to dress up in Western culture for hundreds of years, but for the longest time, they mostly quit to play your game --of-the-
Refusing to wear stupid clothes and claiming to be a mill criminal of death Sergeant or Dr. Dick --Stab.
With the release of lightning, it all changed in 1938, and lightning introduced Lightning to the world, which some call the world's first super villain to dress up.
The series tells the story of a group of Marines fighting a costume leader of a terrorist group as he tries to take over the world with lightbased sci-
It will take years for Hitler to be classified as a credible villain.
We have certainly seen millions of villains like lightning so far, but it is said that he started it all and inspired like Dr. Doom, Commander Cobra, especially Darth Vader
The famous Sith Lord actually started from the first draft.
Initially, he was a general of the class, then a Sith named Prince valoren, and later Ralph McQuarrie and George Lucas began playing a role that needed a respirator.
This makes Vida look like a dark helmet in the original sketch. . . . . .
Or storm cavalry like the version of the Sith: However, the next sketch shows Vida a little closer to what we know about him now: wearing a more fashionable helmet, a darker armor, and a proper cloak, like lightning.
Lucas and McQuarrie use Lightning as the basis for their final design, which has been generally accepted and they might think, hey, the whole movie, so if they can't be original, they are at least consistent. .
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