£50,000 pot for communities to design their own affordable housing - aluminum led housing

by:Hanway     2019-08-28
£50,000 pot for communities to design their own affordable housing  -  aluminum led housing
Local communities will receive £ 50,000 in funding to help them design and deliver affordable housing locally.
New grants from the South brid County Council and the Cambridge City Council will enable groups to identify local lands that can be used for affordable housing and design development projects that meet the needs of residents. The community-
The Led housing initiative is the first initiative in the region to empower people to make changes locally.
Groups can bid up to £ 4,500 to determine the scope of the housing project and establish the structure
Including the Community Land Trust (CLT)
, Cohousing and groups that want themselvesbuild -
Push it forward.
Established in 2011, Stretham and Wilburton CLT have 75 houses in the Manor Farm development project.
In addition to 23 affordable houses, the site offers a new GP surgey and a woodland walkway to the village.
It is said that in South cam county, the cortotennam Parish Council has studied a plan in the village and plans to secure funds to start and run.
Frank tenham parish committee chairman Frank Morris, member of the newly formed Cottenham CLT steering group, said: "Community-
The development of Led Cortana is a very important us.
"We put a lot of time and effort into neighborhood planning, and now we want to make sure that the needs of people living in our villages are met, especially with the expansion of Cottenham as new housing is developed.
"We know that high housing costs are driving out young families, key workers, and seniors who may have lived or worked in kototennam all their lives.
"By building a community land trust and starting our own community --
We can provide what's really affordable, high.
Quality housing, we can keep for the locals, we can protect them from the right to buy.
"We are putting the future of our village back in our hands and ensuring that we have a vibrant and sustainable community in the coming years.
"The community and local government community housing fund sector has provided funding to increase the number of affordable housing provided by the community --
Led Housing Group.
The project is working with the community land trust fund (CLT)
Help East with Community Services-
Led residence in East cam County.
Before applying for a funding team, the CLT East technical advisor will also have free help and advice, and he will complete a report on the findings and suggestions for the group.
According to an official at the South cam County Council, once the group has a housing proposal for their area, CLT East will support them in securing future funding.
This can be achieved through private financing transactions, further government funding, cooperation with the housing association or an agreement with the landowner.
Cllr Lynda Harford, member of the South cam county council housing cabinet, said: "There is a better way than the village itself to pick up the baton to meet some of the local housing needs.
"It's built from scratch to make sure that these ideas come from the grass roots of the community.
"We are already interested in the community --
These grants will give groups the opportunity to turn their original ideas into reality.
"Anyone trying to buy or rent locally will be keenly aware that with the younger generation deeply rooted in the families of our villagers, there is an urgent need for a higher quality and truly affordable house price tag.
"More information visitors.
You can also contact Emily Mulvaney at emily @ clteast.
Org or at 01353 668985 or 07766 991145.
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