10 Reasons to Use Corrosion Inhibitors

by:Hanway     2020-04-12
If you want to protect your metal products from rusting, then you'll need to use corrosion inhibitors. Here's what you need to know. 1. Corrosion inhibitors are designed to stop metal parts rusting. So, if you make vehicle fluids, such as brake fluid or coolants, you need your fluids to work with metal components, without causing the components to rust, and the engine to fail. 2. Lubrication is designed to make the parts work efficiently, and so if your lubricant is for metal parts, then it needs corrosion inhibitors to stop the metal parts from corroding. Lubricity improvers are designed to help make the lubrication more effective. 3. As well as lubricants and fluids, fuel needs corrosion inhibitors too. This is so that the engine is not damaged by the fuel. 4. Corrosion inhibitors can be found in the home, as well as in engine fluids, lubricants and fuel. Lubricants are used for losing nuts and bolts, for stopping doors squeaking, for bicycle chains, lawnmowers, and many other applications, and so need to protect the metal they are lubricating. 5. You won't want your metal storage tanks, fuel pumps on garage forecourts, and fuel transporters to be affected by rust, so corrosion inhibitors are vital if you store liquids or fuels. 6. If you deal with pipes that transporting liquids, then you'll need to prevent the pipes from rusting. As pipes tend to be in inaccessible locations, or even under water, you'll want to give them as much protection as you can. 7. If you use metal products in the construction of your products, then you might need them to stay rust free. Bridges, door handles, car bodywork and many more day to day items will need to be protected. 8. Water systems, including water storage and water pipes all need to be treated so that the water doesn't cause the metalwork to rust. If you're dealing with water, then you'll need to ensure that your water system doesn't go rusty. 9. Paints need to be treated with rust inhibitors to protect the tin from rusting. The paint may be used outside on metal, such as gates, or for painting ironwork. In addition, vehicle paints need to be able to withstand all weathers, without the metalwork rusting. 10. Domestic heating systems need to be treated with corrosion inhibitors, so that the pipes and boiler in the home don't rust. If they aren't treated, the pipes will corrode, and cause problems. Now you know why you should use them, perhaps now is the time to ensure that your products are treated with corrosion inhibitors.
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